Impacts World 2017

The Impacts World 2017 is an international conference on climate change impacts organized by PIK and the ISIMIP team for scientists and stakeholders. The conference tries to quantify the true costs of climate change in four key challenges: Economic costs of climate change, Human health, Human migration and Sustainable development goals.


Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research


The project started with a full day workshop together with the project team at PIK. The following tasks were tried to achiev to set the basis of the follwing concept, design and implementation process:

  • Get to know the target audience and their needs and concerns.
  • Develop a first sitemap.
  • Define the necessary page types and the functionalities.
  • Develop first wireframes for important page elements.
  • Setup a timeline for the different stages of the project


Sitemap and wireframes


As the first step of the conceptual process we finalized the sitemap draft and developed wireframes (rough sketches of pages and elements that shows how content is arranged without designing it) for every important page type and element. After that the design part brings the wireframes and styling of the website together as a screendesign. The screendesign is adapted for different screen sizes such as desktop pc, iPad and mobile phone.


Screendesig for the different devices


After the screendesign was finalized within two feedback circles we started implementing the back- and front-end using the following technologies:

One core feature of the website is the conference schedule which can be edited in an fast and attractive editor to make it easy for the editors to apply changes during the different phases of the project. Another important feature is the form builder that helps to build and manage different types of applications from by the editor. A form can consist of different field types (single text, multiline text, dropdown, checkbox, radio buttons) and any number of fields. All applications data are stored for later retrieval, can be downloaded as a CSV/Excel File and in addition can be send as emails to the editors and for verification to the applicants.

You can find the respository with the source code over at my GitHub account.


Program page and participate form


I was responsible for the technical concept, project management and the implementation of the website (frontend and backend).



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