Here is a selection of my current and past freelance projects, covering customized Django and Wagtail-based Content Management Systems, database-driven, graphic-intensive web portals and tailor-made web tools using modern JavaScript Frameworks like d3js or React communicating with a Django REST API.



Bakeup is a SAAS solution for micro bakeries including an online-shop and bakery management.

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Online learning - practical application: Continuing education for therapeutic and counseling professionals.

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Agile42 - Strategy Map

agile42 enables leaders and their teams to create a resilient organization and a sustainable process of change.

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Duesenberg Guitars is a high-quality german guitar-making company from Hannover.

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As a subsidiary of MSA The Safety Company, creates cloud-based web and mobile safety services and tools that provide insights and help you minimize interruptions and improve safety outcomes.

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HFBK Hamburg

The Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg (HFBK Hamburg) is the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg.

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Wilhelm Busch – Deutsches Museum für Karikatur und Zeichenkunst

The Museum Wilhelm Busch - The German Museum for Caricature and the Art of Drawing, is situated at the heart of an English landscape garden in Hannover.

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ISIMIP - Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

ISIMIP brings together scientific teams from across the world who work to understand the impacts of climate change.

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Land Matrix

The Land Matrix is an independent land-monitoring initiative that promotes transparency and accountability in decisions about large-scale land acquisitions.

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distylerie is a design / branding agency based in Zurich.

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